Alternative Vaccine Schedule

As parents concern regarding vaccination rises, more and more are searching for alternative vaccine schedule that is more appropriate for their little ones. Delayed vaccine schedule grows popular, and you can find out more about them on our website.

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dr Sears Vaccine Schedule

Alternative vaccine schedule offered by dr Sears are becoming very popular as the controversy over the vaccination continues to rage. Get to know dr Sears vaccine schedule, it`s effects and advantages on our website.

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Autism: Mom Uses Biomedical Treatment and Diet Change to Recover Child

Becky Estepp, parent of a 12-year-old Autistic child,she says is about 75% recovered after doing extensive Biomedical Treatment interventions. She shares how her pediatricians refused to acknowledge Biomedical Treatment for her child, and in fact, refused to help her in any way once she went down that path. She also shares how vaccines (beginning at timestamp 20.07) and the normal vaccination schedule caused vaccine damage to her child, and that the vaccines were the primary root cause of her child’s Autism. She found a Defeat Autism Now! Doctor (a DAN! Doctor) to treat her child, and has had great success doing so (over the course of many years).