Alternative Vaccine Schedule – Introduction

As parents concern regarding vaccination rises, more and more are searching for alternative vaccine schedule that is more appropriate for their little ones. Delayed vaccine schedule grows popular, and you can find out more about them on our website.

Delayed Vaccine Schedule –¬†Dr. Sears Vaccine Schedule

Alternative vaccine schedule offered by Dr Sears are becoming very popular as the controversy over the vaccination continues to rage. Get to know Dr Sears vaccine schedule, it`s effects and advantages on our website.

Alternative Vaccine Schedule – Vaccination Schedule from the US in 1974.

If you are interested to see how alternative vaccination schedule was tailored in the US in 1974, we got you covered. Check out the schedule by clicking here.

Delayed Vaccine Schedule – Dr. Kenneth Bock`s Proposed Schedule

Dr. Kenneth Bock proposes delayed vaccine schedule to be considered as a portion of doses. In order to get familiar with Bock`s delayed vaccine schedule in detail, please follow this link.

Alternative Vaccine Schedule – Dr. Stephanie Cave`s Recommended Schedule

Check out alternative vaccine schedule book that was written by Dr. Stephanie Cave along with Deborah Mitchell Рlots of useful tips and tricks on how to get your newborn properly protected. Details available here.

Delayed Vaccine Schedule – Dr. Donald W. Miller`s User-Friendly Schedule

Dr. Donald W. Miller`s User-Friendly schedule could be one of most delayed vaccine schedule talked about. It first appeared in 2004, and has been regularly updated ever since. Check it out here.

Alternative Vaccine Schedule – Nature`s Vaccination Schedule

Soon to be published on our pages.


Center for Disease Control official recommended schedule is available here.

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